Music Lessons

30 Years of Teaching Experience

* All lessons will take place online via Zoom from September to December 2021. The COVID-19 situation will be reassessed for the remainder of the school year from January to June 2022.

Music lessons provide a unique learning experience not usually available in the classroom.  For those no longer in school, lessons can be an outlet for creativity and provide something different from the daily grind of the work day.  The musical learning experience challenges students to combine mental and physical knowledge to produce their own sound.

Learning to use sounds to express an idea, image, emotion, or for the sheer enjoyment of it, provides students with another way to learn about and to experience the world. Just as learning math, science, sports, etc. allow us to interact with others and our environment in different ways, discovering and being able to use music broadens the scope of our engagement with our surroundings.

group lessons

Younger students, especially those who enjoy social interaction, are encouraged to take group lessons before, or in addition to, individual music lessons. Group classes are limited to 4 students per class so that students’ learning needs can be better incorporated into the lessons.

$24 per 35-minute class

individual piano

Students of all ages and levels are welcome to take private piano and theory lessons.  Children who would rather begin with an individual (rather than group) music foundation class will be considered for private sessions.

$31 for 30 minutes
$46.50 for 45 minutes
$62 for 1 hour